Marquardt Tunisia

Because cutting-edge technology is based on knowledge and ingenuity

Together we will realize our mission through our thinking and actions. This affects our conduct towards our customers, employees, suppliers, environment and society, as well as our enterprise.

Marquardt – creating the future: innovative and quality-conscious.

Our customers have top priority: To present them with more value tomorrow than today.

We concentrate on innovations and the continuous development of our products and services: our goal must be to achieve and to maintain world leadership in the field of switches and switching systems.

Customer Value is the key to our success.

Together with our employees we will shape our future: We want to maintain top performance in all aspects of our business.

Every employee contributes to the success of the company. Every employee is responsible for his own performance and quality of work.

Both the courage to explore new ideas, and the will to develop professionally, are the keys to success.

Together with our suppliers we are working on challenging solutions: developing new ideas and processes.

Working together results in more competitive products and higher standards.

The Society and the environment are important elements of our philosophy and actions.

All of us are responsible for adhering to the laws and social standards.

Additionally, and of particular significance for us (besides the global expansion of the enterprise), is maintaining and strengthening of our foundation in Germany.

Marquardt is an independent, family-owned company: we intend to remain so.

We live the company values – dynamic, innovative, quality-conscious – and realize the mission by our actions, thereby contributing to economic success.


Marquardt Mécatronique Tunisie S.A.R.L. / Marquardt Automotive Tunisie S.A.R.L.
Lot no. 23, 24
Zone industrielle d’El Agba
2087, El Hrairia, Tunis
Phone + 216 31 / 333-100
Fax + 216 32 / 405-237



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