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Career Opportunities at Marquardt

Whether you already have career experience or you are just starting your career, the Marquardt Group can provide you with the opportunity for personal and professional development. We engage motivated and enthusiastic employees, on whom we place a lot of responsibility.

You will find a corporate culture and organizational structure that allows for the chance to directly interact with management levels and an opportunity to climb the career ladder quickly. As a qualified and enthusiastic employee, you can easily position and engage yourself in the company.

As Marquardt faces the most diverse challenges and serves a variety of OEMs, you have the opportunity to become immersed in several different areas. You also have the chance to obtain global work experience, as Marquardt is an international company.

Without qualified personnel, the future development and success of a company cannot be realized. Which is why Marquardt not only offers job related development for the employee, but also training in communication and team building – the so called Soft Skills. Worldwide, we annually invest millions of Euros in training and personal development, an important investment for us in our future.

The key to success is engaging the potential of every individual employee!


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